Series 3 Minifigures!!! :)


  • Hawiian Girl: Woah! I NEED That Black Camper Hair. And What Ever Happened to Hawiian Exposure?
  • Indian: Will Go Good with Series 1 Indian.
  • Samurai: Once Again, Will Be Good with Series 1 Ninja (Where My Head Came From!)
  • Pilot: Can you Say, Useless?
  • Fisherman: Beard....Beard....Beard.
  • Blacktron: Black, Black, Black Commando Helmet!!!!
  • Snowboarder: Um...Not a Big Fan of The Sport.
  • Driver:NEED That Blond Chase Hair for "Nobody" Figure. :)
  • Rapper:BOOOOOOOOOM Box......
  • Elf:Woah, A MUST Have. Too Much to Comment.
  • Porn Sumo Champion.
  • Alien:"The Squidman with The Golden Gun"
  • Mummy:is That a RED Scorpion? WANT!
  • Tennis Player: *Picks Eyeballs Up from off The Ground* Is it Me, Or is That Tennis Player HOT!?!?!?! I am So There! (Comic Wise, *Grin*)
  • Baseball Player: Fine But Not as Good as The Tennis Player.
  • Gorrila: Freaky. But I Know EXACTLY what to Use The Bannana For. *Walks into Restroom*

I am So Getting all These CMs. Even if I Have to Buy a Whole Box!

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